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Having Fuel Quality Issues Due to Water?



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We appreciate your interest in the InterFazer™ Sonar Equipment. Global Fuels Group (GFG) has combined efforts to provide manufacture, installation, and onsite-training of the InterFazer™ to a worldwide petroleum industry.


The first commercial units, installed in 2002, are still in operation and have been virtually trouble free including those in close loop control. Over 70 devices have been sold and are utilized by satisfied customers. More specifically at well established petroleum industry fore-runners in Sweeny, Texas; Texas City, Texas; South Korea; Taiwan, and most recently Alberta, Canada. References are available upon request.

The technology is quite simple and reliable. On bulk storage tanks we are able to install the device on existing clean-out connections WITHOUT --- the use of stilling well roof penetrations, extensive conduit atop the tank structure, while ensuring water when accumulated never leaves the tank center sump.  

How Does It Work?

Download the brochure for more information and you will find a product description to get familiar with this unique level measurement device which utilizes SONAR principles. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us today!

                Summary of Features 

​           • Continuous Measurement

           • Reliability

           • No Moving Parts

           • No Maintenance

           • Automated water discharge

           • Low Voltage/ Power Consumption


Level System for Storage Tanks (LSST™)

• Product Level

• Water Level / interface

• Temperature

• Solids Buildup

• Roof Stability

Interested In the Product?

Here is a snapshot of our process to customers...

GFG InterFazerProcess.jpg
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