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Global Fuels Group 3D Laser Scanning or High Definition Laser Scanning (HDLS) uses LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) technology to accurately & efficiently capture 3 dimensional data, with millimeter accuracy in a variety of settings, regardless of the size of the area & surface features. HDLS creates a precise 3D digital record of the existing MEP, structural or topographical features, without the need to physically touch what is being measured.

Using the HDLS provides GFG the ability to conduct Architectural Engineering (A/E) services for an array of structural, civil & POL/fuel projects with design-build or design-bid-build delivery methods. We are adept at the planning & execution of projects, utilizing our team’s vast experience with federal criteria requirements that results in a successful design within strict deadlines.



                                                                     Example:  Pump House Scan

​In addition to the 3D laser scanning services that GFG and its partner’s offer, full 3D CAD modeling or BIM, building information modeling can be derived from the 3D scans. With the highly detailed scan data, accurate models of existing conditions can be developed for design, planning, historical documentation, trouble shooting or even threat assessments.



                                                                 3D HDLS Inside Bulk Storage Tank

HDLS can be used during the routine American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 tank inspections and API 570 piping inspections to look for various deficiencies. In the case of API 653 inspections, HDLS data can generate various maps and reports showing tank roundness, Internal floating roof condition, foundation settlement, dike volumes and much more. With 3D HDLS API 570 inspection, HDLS data can be used to document corrosion, pressure pipe deformation, accident damage or can be used to document piping conditions over a period of time.


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