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Fuels Distribution Maintenance (FDM) Training
Onsite Training Development

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Web-Based & On-Site

Welcome to Global Fuels Group University (GFGU)

For a decade we have been providing training & courses necessary for every skill level as a Petroleum Professional (i.e., Engineering, Manufacturing, General "Fuels", Liquid Fuels, Oil & Gasoline, Downstream (distribution), Maintenance, Supervision, etc.).  
If you are an individual who is looking to excel as a professional in the petroleum industry or an executive in company leadership looking to provide upgrade training for your workforce, browse the Global Fuels Group University™ courses offered. 

​​​​​​Fuel Distribution Maintenance (FDM) Training™

Our Fuel Distribution Maintenance Training (FDM) equips maintenance personnel with hands-on ability and knowledge to confidently maintain and repair a fuels facility.  A complete curriculum is designed to focus on fuel system equipment and components typically installed on any petroleum system.   To ensure technicians have an understanding of the logic behind the liquid, we start with basics in Physics Principles and Chemistry for example.  Give us a call to signup for a sample catalog of our courses.


Onsite Training Development 

Whether your needs are for our customized on-site training or for recurring training, Global Fuels Group University can provide your staff with customized instructional design that will be as concise as (4) four sections with an average on-site training time is four (4) weeks for a maximum class size of 12 personnel.   All instruction will guide students in practical knowledge that allows them to immediately go back into the workplace and apply what they’ve learned.  Following completion of each section, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Upon completion of this course you should be able to successfully:  

  • Supervisory oversight of regional fuel system programs 

  • Roving technical support programs for fuel systems 

Plus also create: 

  • Training of all maintenance for fuels storage facilities whether "Upstream" (Refinery) or "Downstream" (Distribution/ Fillstand/ Offloading areas/ Piers/ etc.)  


Once enrolled as a student, you have access to utilize our customized Global Fuels Group Management Program (GFGMP)™.  This program houses  step-by-step procedures proven over 25 years of standardized reports, forms, checklists, & logs.  The GFGMP™ includes various project case studies, access to mentors in various professional levels of industry enabling you with knowledge & structure to successfully manage various maintainers at different locations.   
Upon successful completion of Level 1 certification you can qualify for the three levels of the Regional Fuel System Support Representative (RFSSR)™ career path & gain access to our list of Global Fuels Group Members & University Alumni increasing your hiring potential with access and ability as a manager to connect with & unearth fuels maintenance employees ensuring maximum mission efficiency.


~NEW~ Petroleum Maintenance Professional™ &

Previously known as Regional Fuel System Support Representative (RFSSR)™

We are pleased to provide on-line web-based and on-site training for your career in our Continuing Education & Training atmosphere as a Petroleum Maintenance Professional!


Comprised of short-term levels of training set at 9 to 12 months or 2080 hours each, logged by in-field hours that is registered and monitored by our staff on areas of expertise.  

·     Level 1 (Basic Apprentice Knowledge) 

     - Includes tank types, valves, calibrations, gauge & gasket replacements, etc. 

     - Basic recurring maintenance, safety & environmental compliance 


·    Level 2 (On-site Technician Troubleshooting) 

     - Control Valve, fill stands, filter separators, etc. 

·    Level 3 (Major Supervisor) 

- Seasonal overhaul on systems and components 

~NEW~ Starting January 2023

Petroleum Project Management Professional™


Also offered are the following Modular Career Paths

  • Project Management Fundamentals

  • Construction Management

  • Quality Control Management

  • Project Closeout


Desire Experience As A Professional?

Quality Control Management
Level 1 Basic
Petroleum Maintenance Professional
Regional Fuel System Support Representative (RFSSR)™
Level 3 (Major Supervisor)
Level 2 (Onsite Technician Troubleshooting)
Construction Management
Petroleum Project Management Professional



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